About Us

About Us

Bhandari & Sons was incorporated in the early 60’s by Mr. Vijay Singh Bhandari and his brothers. A small business family from a small town in West Bengal called Kharagpur. Back then it was a bustling railway town with huge influence of the British way of life. This led them to take up a number of dealerships for Kinetic, Phillips and Godrej in its early years.They also had railway contracts etc.

In 1979 Tata Motors offered its range of commercial vehicles dealership to Mr. Vijay Singh Bhandari for the district of Midnapore. In the same year Bhandari Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. was born. With limited resources and few helping hand Bhandari Automobiles started its journey in the automobile industry. He took the dealership from Kharagpur to Calcutta to give his children and his business a better identity. Exploring the vast opportunities that the city of Calcutta had to offer he setup a small office.The company saw a change in pace when Mr. Vijay Singh Bhandari’s older son Mr. Sanjay Bhandari joining the business in the year 1984. A qualified CA he in his early years decided that growth was the only way of survival. He invested in infrastructure, manpower and systems which led to a growth in the company’s image with the manufacturer as well as the customers it served.The company’s motto "Customer for Life" was coined back then. It is his belief that we are here to make long lasting relationships. The company strives to add more customers every year to its pariwar and retain the old ones through better service and commitments.

In the year 1999 Bhandari group moved out of the consumer durables space while it was on top and ventured into the Maruti Suzuki dealership. It was a strategic decision to become a full- time auto dealer and have the entire range from passenger cars to commercial vehicles. Since then the company has grown many folds. It is known for its quality in providing efficient services.The legacy of the dealership continues as a number of professionals have joined the dealership team. In 2001, Sanjay Bhandari took up the dealership of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and forged the MSIL- Bhandari bond. Little did he know that more than a decade later, the seeds they had planted at the small city of Kharagpur would grow and blossom into a thriving auto group with four separate Maruti dealerships offering services in over 20 cities of West Bengal. Starting off selling from its sole dealership in Kharagpur Bhandari Automobiles took off in the early 2000. In 2006 Howrah dealership was born and joined the family.

As the dealership increased its foothold in the rural markets of Bengal it yearned to enter the great “city of joy”- Kolkata. In 2010 we added the eluded crown and the dealership at Gariahat was born. Through all these changes, including adding new buildings and renovating existing properties to better serve the community; Bhandari Automobiles has maintained its focus on personal relationships. Our newest baby the dealership at Sreerampore was added in 2014 and has brought us a great joy as we further penetrate into the lap of West Bengal. With employees who have been with the company for more than a decade and a history that stretches back for decades, Bhandari Automobiles has become a pillar of the community. Though the going hasn't always been easy, Bhandari Automobiles Group's focus on customer service has seen them through thick and thin, and while others have failed, they have flourished.If you've been looking for a dealership that knows what it is to put the customer first, stop by any one of Bhandari Automobiles dealerships or extension outlets and enjoy the world class machines from Maruti Suzuki’s stable.

With 70 outlet of Maruti & 24 outlets of Tata motors we are the largest in eastern India. Every 80 seconds a customer visit’s our dealership for either sale of service of a vehicle.


  • “Bhandari Parivar”Bhandari Premier League [ BPL]- A T-20 Cricket Tourament .
  • Winner of BPL-2014- Bhandari Alampur.Bhandari Footbal League [ BFL] – Winner of BFL-2014- Bhandari Management.
  • 38 Upcoming R-Outlets in various places of West Bengal.
  • 3 Upcoming True Value [ Pre- Owned ] outlets.

  • Highest growth in exchange volume in India for the FY-2013-14.
  • Highest retails in Eastern zone. [E-1] for the FY-2014-2015.
  • Highest retails in E-outlets.
  • Highest Walk-in conversion.
  • Winner of CBH Trophy- Bhandari Kharagpur for FY-2013-14.